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The GulfCap Group (GCG) is a group of several associated companies, member firms and / or subsidiaries incorporated across London (United Kingdom), Lisbon (Portugal), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Lahore (Pakistan). The prime objective is to provide management consultancy / business / transaction advisory services.

Our History

Our Company Journey

  • 2006

    Company Foundation

    The foundations of the GulfCap Group were laid out by Mr Jamil Qureshi and Mr Suleiman Shahbal, with an objective to provide investment banking, corporate finance, financial advisory and proprietary investments services. The approach was totally out-of-the-box in terms of creating new business models within the private equity domain. This resulted in incubating several initiatives from scratch, developing the concepts, and then approaching a group of HNW investors to invest at the most-mitigated stage of risk. Examples within this domain include launching commercial banks, insurance, leasing and telecom companies, etc. In addition, acquisitions of historically successful and financially strong companies were made as well, for example, within the oil and gas drilling sector.

  • 2007

    Building Solid Team

    GulfCap Group was honoured with the inclusion of 3 extremely distinguished shareholders to further strengthen its Vision. These included Overseas Investment SPC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Premier Group, Kingdom of Bahrain), Skyline Investment SPC, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah Mohammed Al-Romaizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Abdul Malik Al-Khalili, Sultanate of Oman.

  • 2011

    Dubai, UAE

    Following parting ways with the shareholder’s group and initiating the process of voluntarily dissolving the DIFC-based investment banking company (Gulf Investments Limited), the brand-name GulfCap Group was re-launched with a fresh identity (GulfCap Investments LLC), with the same objectives, and the exception of investment banking activities.

  • 2017

    London, UK

    Registered GulfCap Group Limited in London, UK, with an objective to provide business advisory and transaction support services.

  • 2020

    Lisbon & Portugal

    Registered Almost Miraculous LDA in Lisbon, Portugal, with an objective to provide business advisory and transaction support services.

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