Chairman's Message


On behalf of all the Stakeholders of the GulfCapGroup ("GCG"), with immense pleasure, I thank you to visit our new website. It has been re-designed to provide an overview of our organisational philosophy, business activities and priorities, reflecting the pride we, as the GCG-Family, have in fulfilling our commitment to serve our esteemed clients with the "right advice" possible. It summarises our sense of vision and mission, to be the "Most Trusted Business Partners / Advisors Aspiring to Potentially Offer Turnkey Business Solutions to our Esteemed Clients".

The world has witnessed, and in some parts, still witnessing the worse financial and economic crisis since September 2008. The wisdom dictates that we learn from the root-causes underlying the collapse of the financial systems across the globe. No region wasn't immune to these events and the recent uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East are one of the consequences of the recent economic crisis, though some may argue to relate these to many other factors that have also fueled the unrest. The fact is that some of the economies are still suffering and consequently, the businesses, for one reason or the other (for example, the recent Brexit phenomenon). As such, there is more responsibility on the shoulders of "Business and Financial Advisors", who need to be more Prudent, Innovative and Predictive, to the best of their knowledge and capabilities.

We have always promoted the corporate culture which is characterised by its ability to adapt quickly to our Clients' Needs whilst "Creating Value and Pursuing for Excellence" to enhance their profitability. We also pride ourselves with a culture and tradition of high integrity and ingenuity, which has driven continuous improvement, and the relentless drive for innovation in the way we operate. Our services are well recognised, well received and widely used by our Esteemed Clients, across the Gulf Region, Sub-Continent / Afghanistan, East & North Africa and Europe.

We believe that our success is largely due to our pledge to unconditionally living our Core Values, which constitute the building blocks in the manner we conduct our business and structure our advice. These values extend to all of our stakeholders, including but not limited to, our Clients, Employees and Business Partners. Building on these founding philosophies, we aim to become the leading Business and Financial Advisors in the regions we operate, offering professional services and creative / unique business solutions that are unrivaled in quality. We will continue to apply the highest professional and ethical standards in everything we do and will always remain true to the Core Values that define us.

I thank you for your interest in our professional services and hope that you enjoy navigating our website. I am sure that, during this process, you will definitely find something of interest. Please keep in touch ( by visiting us again.

We look forward to hearing from you to explore how we can assist you in achieving your business objectives. Our Corporate AIM lies in "FOSTERING AND BUILDING A LASTING PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR CLIENTS".

Thank you.

With my best wishes

Jamil Qureshi