The Senior Management Team


Jamil Qureshi

Mr Qureshi is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the UK, UAE and Pakistan-based GulfCap Group ("GCG"), which providesinvestment and business / financial advisory services across the Gulf, East African and South Asian regions. Prior to establishing GCG (operating under different companies), he was the CEO of Gulf Investments Limited (GIL, an investment bank, regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority). At the peak of the Financial Crisis during 2010, the Shareholders of the legacy GulfCap resolved to voluntarily liquidate GIL. Prior to GIL, the legacy GulfCap was founded by Mr Qureshi in an equal partnership with Mr Suleiman Shahbal back in 2006, to carryout private equity investments, whilst providing management consulting and business / financial advisory services. Mr Qureshi has had served on the Boards of several large companies across banking, insurance telecom, financial advisory / consulting, education, trading, brokerage and technology sectors.

Prior to commencing the operations of the legacy GulfCap in 2006, Mr Qureshi was the Director of Business and Transaction Advisory Solutions at Ernst & Young in the Kingdom of Bahrain, since 1997.

Mr Qureshi has had extensive experience over 3 decades in private equity and business / investment advisory, resulting in strong credentials through directing and managing a diversified range of transaction support, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and lead advisory services. The diversified range of services were extended to several private and public sector organisations, financial institutions (both Sharia'h compliant Islamic financial institution and the conventional financial services industry) and local / foreign companies operating across diversified sectors, including but not limited to, FSI, manufacturing, textiles, real estate / construction, hotel, leisure & tourism, trading and investments, chemicals, oil & gas, education, iron and steel industries, etc.

Being a Business, Financial and Investment Advisor, the most recent major transactions were within the telecoms, oil and gas, financial services, real estate, education and technology sectors.

The key areas of professional specialisations include (but are not limited to):

  •  Corporate finance and lead advisory services (raising both debt and/or equity)
  •  Mergers and acquisitions, valuations and business / financial restructuring
  •  Prospectus / information and private placement memoranda
  •  Business plans and financial / market feasibility studies
  •  Development and review of financial models
  •  Financial investigations / due diligence
  •  Market research and field surveys
  •  Privatisation studies, etc

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Mian Ahmad Farhan

Mian Farhan is the Chief Executive Officer of "Assurance" at GCG, as well as the Managing Director and Principal of PAC Dubai ( Mr Farhan enjoys over 25 years of professional experience, mainly specialising in teaching and mentoring. He is a Fellow Member (FCA) of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and also a Fellow Member (FPA) of The Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants with a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Mr Farhan has been associated with the teaching profession since 1993. Over the past two and half decades, he has performed as an enthusiastic teacher cum trainer at academic, professional and corporate levels. He holds an excellent command on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Mr Farhan has also authored a Book for the students of accountancy. He has been involved with different educational institutions whilst managing their curriculum development process, acting as an external examiner, resource and capacity building person.

From the dedicated platform of PAC-Dubai (which was founded in 2010-11) and with a large qualified / well-trained faculty, Mr Farhan conducts Preparatory Classes across a wide range of professional accounting and finance disciplines, including but not limited to, CA, CPA, CFA, ACCA, CMA, CISA, CIA, CAT and FIA, etc. The Professional Certifications are authorised by ICAP, ACCA, IIA, IMA, AICPA, CFA, ISACA, ICAPA and ICAI.

In addition, PAC Dubai specialises in Corporate Trainings, Soft Skills Trainings and Career Counseling. Every year, hundreds of diversified trainings are organized throughout the Sub-continent, Middle East and Africa.

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Mohammad Ashfaq Tahir

MrTahiris the Director of Placements at GCG, with over 25 years of professional experience across corporate finance, lead / financial advisory, assurance, audit, etc. He is an FCA (Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan); CMA (Certified Management Accountant) from IMA, USA; CFM (Certified Financial Manager) from IMA, USA; CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) from the E-Council, USA and the last, but not the least, PFA (Public Finance Accountant) from Pakistan.

In general, his professional experience encompasses:

  •  Corporate Finance: Feasibilities, Corporate & Financial restructuring, Deal Structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions.
  •  Risk management: Risk Management, Assurance and Compliance in accordance with SOX, COSO frame works.
  •  Corporate Planning and Compliance.
  •  Financial & Strategic Management: Accounting, Forecasting, Budgeting, Planning, Execution, Control, Analysis & Re-alignment.
  •  Treasury Management: Dealing with Financial Institutions, Arranging Finance & Allocation.
  •  Assurance: Internal, External, Management Audits.

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