The Founder, in conjunction with the members of the Senior Management Team of GCG, has had strong credentials in providing the Business / Lead Advisory, Corporate Finance, Financial Management and Investment Banking Services, including but not limited to, the following

Advising on Mergers and Acquisitions :-

Our in-depth industry knowledge across various sectors and our regional expertise enables us to identify opportunities for our clients to acquire or merge with other companies so as to achieve their strategic objectives and enhance the value of their businesses. Our corporate finance professionals have considerable experience in negotiating and advising on mergers and acquisitions, including the financial structuring aspects of any such transaction.

Transaction Support Services :-

Our corporate finance professionals also have had extensive experience in developing complex Financial Projections Models, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Financial Due Diligence, Business Valuations and the documentation of Information Memoranda. In addition, GCG facilitates the process of Company Establishment / Business Registration across / within all the on-shore and/or off-shore jurisdictions in the UAE and/or the rest of the world, as appropriate.

Advising on Fund Raising :-

Raising finance to acquire assets or to fund the working capital for business expansion can be very challenging. Each situation is different and selecting the appropriate instrument (equity, debtand/or a combination of other solutions), the most appropriate structure possible, term, the best source and the location, are all very crucial for the recipient. Our understanding of the regional markets and the relationships we have had, with institutional and high-net-worth clients, enable us to advise our clients on the best possible options available to them.

GCG has plans to initiate the process of obtaining appropriate license from the relevant Regulators with an objective to provide all the regulated services in the near future and aims to provide such services once authorised.


Private Equity investors are constantly in search of viable investment opportunities, especially the ones that are under-performing but have high growth potential. These opportunities do exist in various cross-border jurisdictions. The strengths of our international relationships enable us to quickly spot these opportunities, wherever possible. We have specialised in various industries along with the capability to structure and execute private equity transactions for our existing and prospective clients. We also have the capability to manage these investments and advise our clients on the timing of exit, thus maximizing their investment value. We also invest our proprietary capital in the existing and new projects, as appropriate. We have set-up several of our own ventures and have had provided incubation services to several projects from our clients.