Jamil Qureshi

Mr Qureshi is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the London-based GulfCap Group Limited. Prior to this, he founded GulfCap (and many other associated companies, including Gulf Investments Limited, an investment bank in Dubai under the auspices of DFSA/DIFC and GulfCap Investments LLC – “GCI”) in the UAE, with an objective to provide investment banking, private equity and business / financial advisory services across the Gulf, East African and South Asian regions. He has had served as a Member of the Boards of Directors of several large conglomerates, including but not limited to, commercial bank, investment bank, life insurance, telecom, financial advisory, education, trading, brokerage, and technology sector companies. Prior to commencing the operations of the legacy GulfCap in 2006, Mr Qureshi was the Director of Business and Transaction Advisory Solutions at Ernst & Young in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, since 1997. He holds extensive experience of over 3 decades in private equity, investment banking, assets management and business / financial advisory services, resulting in strong credentials through directing and managing a diverse-range of transaction support, corporate finance, lead advisory, financial structuring and mergers and acquisitions. These services were extended to several private and public sector organisations, financial institutions (both Sharia’s compliant Islamic financial institutions and the conventional financial services industry) and local / foreign companies operating across diversified sectors, including but not limited to, FSI, manufacturing, textiles, real estate / construction, hotel, leisure & tourism, trading and investments, chemicals, oil & gas, education, iron and steel industries, etc. The key areas of professional specialisations include (but are not limited to): • Corporate finance and lead advisory services (raising both debt and/or equity) • Mergers and acquisitions, valuations and business / financial restructuring • Prospectus / information and private placement memoranda • Business plans and financial / market feasibility studies • Development and review of financial models • Financial investigations / due diligence • Market research and field surveys • Privatisation studies, etc

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