Asset Leasing, Contract Hire, Sale & Leaseback

Keep your assets ‘off balance sheet’ and adopt tax and cash efficient way of financing your business.

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A lease is a contract outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property owned by another party.

Contract hire is an agreement between two parties to lease a vehicle (car or van) for a set time period (and mileage) at a fixed monthly cost.

A leaseback is an agreement where an asset’s seller leases back the asset from the purchaser. In a leaseback arrangement, the details of the arrangement, such as the lease payments and lease duration, are made immediately after the sale of the asset. Essentially, seller becomes lessee and purchaser becomes the lessor.

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    Through our network of lenders and deep insights into the credit market, we can get you the best interest rate.

  • Available Options

    Finance lease, operating lease, contract hire and hire purchase etc.

  • Flexible Terms

    You will have flexible terms and may opt for interest only or interest and principal repayment options.

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Why Asset Leasing, Contract Hire or Sale & Leaseback?

It offers the most tax efficient financial arrangement for individuals and businesses.

Most Tax Efficient Structure

It offers the most tax efficient structure for your business.

Frees Up Working Capital

It frees up working capital and bank loan / overdraft facilities for business growth.

No Application Fee

There is not application processing fee, explore tax and money saving possibilities for free.

Most Competitive Interest Rate

We can get you the best interest rate through our network of lenders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the application processing fee?

There is not application processing fee. You only pay at the time of loan disbursement.

What types of asset financing are available?

Finance lease wherein you effectively acquire all financial benefits and risks without actually acquiring legal title. Operating lease – it more like a regular rental. Contract hire – It is a form of operating lease that includes a number of additional services such as maintenance, management or replacement if asset is in repair. Hire purchase – it is an agreement for the hiring of an asset with an option to purchase.

Is it possible to lease a used asset?

The short answer is yes, but we advise you to consult our experts for free advice before making your mind up.

What is the lease rate or payment?

It is the regular rental payment under the lease agreement to use the asset and is primarily determined by the cost of the asset, duration of the lease and the interest rate.

What kind of assets can be leased?

Almost anything, from equipment valuing few thousand pounds to assets worth millions can be leased. Common examples include vehicles, machinery and office equipment.

What will happen if I do not fully insure my property?

Most of the lease agreements require you to carry and pay for comprehensive insurance on the asset, just as you would if you purchased. The insurance charge is normally included in the recurring lease payments.