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For many SMEs, outstanding invoices are their largest asset. Now they can borrow money against the amounts due from customers through invoice financing. It helps businesses improve cash flow, pay employees and suppliers, and reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could if they had to wait until their customers paid their balances in full.

We offer both Factoring and Discounting. With invoice factoring, we manage the sales ledger, credit control and chase customers for settlement of their invoices. With invoice discounting, your business retains control of its own sales ledger and chases payment in the usual way.

We provide a unique confidential factoring service which ensures none of your customers know that you are factoring.

If your business has an annual turnover of more than £1 million and have an accounting system, then invoice discounting will probably be more appropriate for you.

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  • No Application Fee

    Consult our experts and get a free advice. We will not charge any application fee.

  • Faster Approval

    60-90% of your issued invoices are paid within 24 hours.

  • Minimum Interest Rate

    Through our network of lenders and deep insights into the credit market, we can get you the best interest rate.

  • Available Options

    Invoice factoring – where we manage your sales ledger. Invoice discounting – where you manage your sales ledger the usual way.

  • Flexible Terms

    You will have flexible terms and may opt for interest only or interest and principal repayment options.

Three Easy Steps To Financial Freedom

It is alot easier than you think. Consult our experts, complete the documents and get fast approval.


Consult Our Experts

Consult our experts and know different loan options and choose the best.


Documentation & Legal Work

Our experts will guide you in the loan documentation and the underlying legal work for faster approval.


Loan Disbursement Within 24 Hours

Proper document and legal work can get your loan approved and disbursed withing 24 Hours.

Why Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing is perhaps the fastest mode of getting a finance for business.

Instant Cash

Invoice financing is perhaps the fastest way to arrange funds for business.

Higher Loan to Invoice Value

We can arrange finance for 60% to 90% of the invoice value.

No Consultation Fee

You can explore the invoice financing potential of your business for free by consulting our experts.

Most Competitive Service Charges

We offer most competitive service charges starting from 0.6% of the loan amount, depending upon the complexity of the transaction/business.

Sales Ledger Management and Debt Collection

With Invoice factoring, we can manage your sales ledger and credit control.

Insurance Against Risk of Bad Debts

You can protect yourself against risk of bad debts. The cost of credit insurance is added to service charges.

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For faster approval and free evaluation, consult our experts. We shall help in the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the application processing fee?

There is not application processing fee.

What is the maximum loan amount that I can borrow?

You can borrow loan for 60% to 90% of the invoice amount.

What are the cost (service charge etc.) implications?

There are typically two costs involved: a service charge (percentage of sales factored) and an interest charge for the cash advance. If you wish to add bad debt protection, you can add its fee in the range between 0.60% and 3.0% of turnover.

How much time it takes for disbursement of loan?

It may take 24 hours from the time of issuance of invoice.

What is the difference between recourse and non-recourse financing?

Non-recourse factoring includes bad debt protection, if the customer fails to pay the invoice, the factor will pay you. Whereas, recourse factoring excludes bad debt protection.

My business has already borrowed from a bank, can I still have invoice financing?

The short answer is ‘Yes’ but we suggest to have a free consultation with our experts to discuss your case.